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With an early childhood educator’s certificate, Miss Acme, a fitness instructor, followed her passion for health and fitness and saw her dream come true. Since then, the ACME Dance Company has become a center for health and fitness and inspires people to be better versions of themselves.

Core Values at ACME

Dance, like any other form of art, requires skill and talent to flourish. Also, you need commitment and discipline to prosper in dance. However, these do not come easy, even for world stars. They have to spend hours practicing the dance routines.


Miss ACME, who has been dancing since she was 4, believes that confidence and self-belief can take you anywhere. Therefore, you can expect to be empowered and inspired at the academy, gain confidence in yourself, and most importantly, develop a “Yes can do” attitude in life.

Our Forms of Dance

Again, dance is an art. It comes in different forms, each unique and beautiful in its way. At ACME Dance Company, we understand the beauty of diversity and consider various forms of dance in our teachings.

Combining modern dance and fitness exercises offered by deeply passionate teachers helps our students become more flexible, improve their postures, and have more free movements.

What is unique about us?

Dance and nature intertwine to produce some of the greatest masterpieces known to man. And at ACME Dance Company, we do just that.

Our classes, run from Kenmore, a beautiful community surrounded by nature, are what you need to inspire new moves. This environment, which consists of a close-knit family of dancers, encourages the formation of long-life friendships while you learn how to express yourself through the art of dance best.

Our qualified and experienced teachers have deep knowledge of the field of dance and fitness. Therefore, they can inspire students to believe in themselves, gain strength, and bust those moves with confidence.

ACME Dance Company inspires learners to improve their postures and free movements with determination and love for health and fitness. The close-knit family community of dancers will help guide you to your aspirations and goals.

Welcome to dance for all ages

At ACME dance, we take on dance with passion. And we understand that it is not limited to age or level. So, if you are interested in dance, whether a pro or a novice, our doors are opened for you.

From the first class to graduation, our students learn to believe in themselves and appreciate the value of teamwork. We will help you learn and grow, and in the process, achieve your personal goals, become more confident and expand your bounds.

We aim at providing all our students with the best and most fulfilling dance and fitness experiences before they match into the world as professional dancers. And with careful care for each student, you can expect to walk out of our studios with the physical and mental fitness to handle the following challenges.

Preschool Dance

For children under the age of 5, we have special classes structured for learning and fun. Now, you can see your baby grow up dancing to the beats of music around the house, with a smile on their face.

The teachers in charge of these classes have intense knowledge in early childhood development, which makes us an all better option for dealing with young ones.

The classes are also diverse, which means that your tiny dancer has options. Whether they want to learn ballet or contemporary dance, these preschool dance classes are designed for them.

We include engaging movements that fit their tiny bodies and strength capabilities. This way, they never strain their small muscles or quit due to pressure. In short, we are all about dancing, with a whole lot more fun.

Children’s Dance

For children between 5 and 10, dance is a whole world awaiting their exploration. And with the right coach, these kids can grow to be great dancers who excel in discipline and physical fitness. In our supportive learning environments, your kid feels at home and gets the chance to appreciate dance, teamwork, and make lifelong friends.

Our dance teachers inspire your young dancer to be the best they can be and express themselves through dance. We help them set their standards and goals and coach them through the journey of achieving them.

By the time your baby walks out of our studios after graduation, you will notice the change in attitude, and more importantly, an improvement in their self-confidence.

Learn how to dance at ACME Dance Company today!

Dance is a lot more than random movements. It is about self-confidence, passion, strength, discipline, and focus. Dance inspires you to be better and provides you with the best means to express your feelings without uttering a word.

So, if you, or your siblings, grown or young, want to try and learn the art, ACME Dance Company in Kenmore is the place to be. Our educators have a deep passion for dance and strive to inspire confidence and discipline among learners.
You get to develop mental and physical strength, improve your posture, and acquire the personality that lets you shine through the art of dance.