Welcome to Indooroopilly Dance Co.

At Indooroopilly Dance Co. it's not all about how well you dance - it's about having fun, moving, making friends, and exploring this wonderful art form we call dance.

There are many benefits available, so check us out and join the movement today!

At Indooroopilly Dance Co. we appreciate dance, every form of it, and dedicate ourselves to teaching the proper techniques, manners, and discipline that follow dance.

We opened our doors to teach dance in 2016, following the passion of the owner and founder, Carly Gutowski, who previously worked in early childhood and education settings.

Teamwork, style, confidence, and self-esteem are what you get when you join us.

At Indooroopilly Dance Co. we believe that anything is possible......


Our Core Values

Our Goal is to create an environment where lifelong friendships are made, where we all encourage one another and understand the values of teamwork.

Our qualified and experienced teachers have deep knowledge of the field of dance and fitness.

Hence, we inspire our students to believe in themselves, gain strength, and bust those moves with confidence.

We aim to help our students to set personal goals, focus, be disciplined, determined, and strong both physically and mentally.

We strive to create an atmosphere where you can be yourself and allow your passion and personality to shine through the art of Dance!

“To encourage and inspire students to be the best they can be through the art of dance. When you believe in yourself, anything is possible."